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Treelife provides tree cutting services, Tree Diesease & pest control , Tree Lopping Services.

  • tree cutting services

    Tree Cutting Services

    Treelife specializes in offering professional tree cutting services to make the task of tree maintenance easy for you.

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  • cutter

    Tree Surgeon

    Treelife specializes in offering a wide range of tree services in Melbourne to ensure that your trees are safe and healthy.

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  • tree pruning

    Tree Trimming

    If you are looking for a tree trimming service, Treelife is one of the finest tree trimming companies in Melbourne.

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  • tree pruning

    Tree Lopping

    Treelife specializes in offering professional tree lopping in Melbourne eastern suburbs. With our wide experience, we possess the resources

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  • Mulch For Sale_treelife_AU

    Mulch For Sale in Ferntree Gully

    All types of mulch shade the ground and give the micro-organisms somewhere to live. Mulching is one the best ways to improve soil structure.

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  • Mulch For Sale_soil-management

    Soil Management

    We have a high level of skill and expertise when it comes to managing the quality of your soil. We bring a knowledge of what suits certain environments and species, developed through years of study, training and experience.

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  • Tree Canopy Spraying

    Tree Canopy Spraying

    Tree Canopy spraying involves climbing and often using chemicals at height. It’s important to follow correct procedures for this type of work

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  • elm-leaf-beetle-treatment_mulch for sale

    Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment

    Xanthogaleruca luteola or the Elm Leaf Beetle is a serious pest of the elm. Both the beetles and larvae feed on the emergent leaves of the elm.

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  • tree disease pest control

    Tree Disease & Pest Control

    There are literally hundreds of pest and tree disease problems. Identifying the type and cause can require experience and knowing where to look for underlying signs. With over 17 years of experience, we know what to look for and how to treat it.

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  • Mulch For Sale_tree risk prevention

    Tree Risk Prevention

    Letting a tree become too top heavy without correct structure below can create a threat to people and property. It’s important to reduce the weight and crown of trees in certain situations to avoid damage reduce danger. This type of work is commonly referred to as Tree Risk Prevention.

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  • Tree Removal_services

    Tree Removal

    Treelife have provided high quality tree and stump removal services to satisfied Melbourne customers for over 15 years. We understand and respect the importance of trees in the modern urban environment. Treelife provides reliable and insightful advice about the best course of action for your trees. We are highly trained in many areas including rigging and advanced rope techniques.

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  • Mulch For Sale_stump-removal

    Stump Removal

    At Treelife, we’re extremely experienced in tree stump removal. We’re able to work with any situation to provide the best outcome. We can also provide services in soil re-conditioning once the stump has been removed to make way for new planting landscape

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  • Tree Care_treelife

    Tree Care

    A vast majority of tree care problems start within the ground. Root compaction, element uptake and insufficient fungal activates can all lead to problems above the ground.
    Taking care of what’s below the ground is the most important element in a plant or tree’s health.

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  • tree pruning

    Tree Pruning

    This includes weight and crown reduction & thinning while keeping the natural shape or form of its species. We also specialise in cable and bracing that can dramatically lower the risk a tree may present to its surrounds. Taking these precautions assist in maintaining a tree’s usefulness and value to it’s landscape for many years to come.

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  • Mulch For Sale_reports

    Arborist Reports

    We’re experts when it comes to reviewing your requirements and providing arborist reports and advice on the best course of action.

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