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Expert Arborist Reports

We're experts when it comes to reviewing your requirements and providing arborist reports and advice on the best course of action.

An arborist report outlines the condition of a tree and is an important document when you want to remove or preserve a tree. With a well-analysed report, you can design the right tree preservation plan for your property. A tree report enables you to keep your property safe by gauging tree risk. It can help you make informed decisions and adopt measures towards tree health and longevity. The report is an in-depth assessment and must be prepared by a certified arborist. If you are looking for a reliable provider of arborist reports in Melbourne, we can help you.

With our high-quality and detailed reports, we can offer solutions for various tree related issues. Our reports are prepared by a qualified arborist and include expert guidance. Based on your precise requirement, we can create a report that suits your need. With our arborist tree service, you can work towards planning and tree preservation.

If you are looking for a company that offers arborists reports in Melbourne, you are on the right platform. Get in touch with us for all your tree care and arborist report needs. You can call us at 0404 348 823. You can also get in touch with us through our online contact form.

One of the most common times Arborist Reports are required is during the design and construction phase of building developments, the typical phases are:

Preliminary Arborist Reports
Retention, or tree removal on development sites is a crucial factor to the smooth running and end result of a development project. Developers and builders may  consider trees to be competing for their land. Councils and other authorities have a job to protect our urban forest for many reasons. These include environmental and aesthetic factors. Understanding these different perspectives helps us ensure a favourable outcome for all parties.

Pre Design
We work alongside many developers, providing site consultation before the purchase of a property. Some of the discussions will be on the constrains that a tree may have on a proposed development. We make recommendations about what solutions are available and the best method.

Design Stage
This phase focusses on a tree impact and recommendation report. The aim of this report is to assist the development where a tree may be impacted. This could include a root investigation report. We use a none-destructive ‘air knife’ to excavate soil to view the roots and give recommendations to reducing the impact.

We suggest an Arborist Report is commissioned in the early stages of planning to identify any tree related restrictions that may surface later during construction. Give Treelife a call to discuss your requirements or send a message with our online enquiry form.

Types of Reports We Provide

Council Planning Applications

Tree Removal Applications

Tree Risk Assessments

Expert Witness Statements


Root Investigations

Tree Preservation and Protection

Site Consultations

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