Tree Care

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Where Tree Health Problems Start

A vast majority of tree care problems start within the ground. Root compaction, element uptake and insufficient fungal activates can all lead to problems above the ground.

Taking care of what’s below the ground is the most important element in a plant or tree’s health.

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes the correct nutrients and element requirements of plants and trees.

It’s important to balance environmental conditions with the requirements of a species. We also take into consideration the best delivery methods based on surroundings.

Soil needs to have the correct levels of fungal activity for a healthy root system to thrive. We have years of experience dealing with the intricacies of fungal activity and how to optimise it for particular plant and tree species

Nature has most of the answers, so at Treelife we use her to cure most of your tree health problems.

When seeing their tree under stress, many people run down to the local nursery to buy fertilizer or pesticide spray. This is not only expensive, but can lead to the demise and death of your tree. By adding phosphates to your soil, you are adding a high level of salts. These salts kill microorganisms like protozoa, bacteria and fungi. In the process of dying, these micro-organisms release plant available nutrients which can show a strong short term burst of foliage growth, without aiding in any crucial root growth.

Therefore, what you have done is further deplete your soil (that is most likely already depleted) of beneficial micro-organisms, and you have created more foliage growth, without any root growth. What you are left with is a plant that has more foliage and may look better, however it now requires more water and nutrients, which need to be supplied by the roots. When a tree doesn’t have enough roots to supply the amount of foliage it has, decline is inevitable.

Don’t make the mistake of allowing what could be a simple issue to fix, turn into something that destroys a valuable plant or tree. Give us a call to chat about any concerns, or use our online enquiry form to send a message